Tuesday, October 28, 2008

IQ challenged skin-heads

I knew it was going to start, and I told you so. I didn't know WHERE or HOW, exactly, but I knew that the ruling elites were offering us a "choice" of vomit soup or turd sandwich in this election in order to foment race wars. And today the top story is Teenage Mutant Skinhead Murderers who say they intended to kill 88 Negroes and BEHEAD---BEHEAD, mind you, BE-FREAKING-HEAD 14 more before shooting Obama. And all while wearing white tuxedos. Charming young grotesques. I would thoroughly love to slap them upside their little bald white trash heads, again and again until they squalled and blubbered. And a fat lot of good it will do to put them in the damned prison system where they can become even more thoroughly skinhead and stupid. Oh, forget it. I'll rant about prisons some other time.

But I say again, like the sorrowful, angry old fat mother that I am, I told you so.

Earlier in October, I wrote in my blog at MySpace:

I wonder what our Elite Masters are up to with the "choice" they've given us this time? I remain convinced that the entire election process is nothing more than a ploy to keep us all busy...so apparently some of us are getting wise, and now they have to come up with bigger and more spectacular "consequences" and "secrets" to keep us interested.

I have to admit the Obama-Ayers connection is at least interesting. Ayers is one of those cowardly mad bombers whose goal is not to change but to terrify and subdue. A man may bomb a building because he either loves it and abhors its desecration, or because he hates its purpose and wants to stop what's taking place within. That's why we can love the character "V" in the film, "V for Vendetta". However, what if he were a man who simply wanted to call attention to himself and his cause by killing as many people as possible? Then we would have, NOT the masked and sophisticated V, but Barak Obama's buddy, Bill Ayers---a man who is on the loose for no reason except that the law he so despises let him go on a technicality. O! for a Judge with scrotal circumference! [Somehow, I doubt the skinheads will get off on a technicality as Ayers did, nor should they.]

Obama's terrorist connections, which are by NO means limited to Ayers, certainly should give us pause---and, if "democracy" were on the level, they should motivate us to make sure that SOMEONE else won. [not to mention Obama's mind-boggling lack of qualification for the job.]But if this whole system is on the level, then why isn't there a major investigation going on? The potential criminality here isn't something the media and mob rule ought to be deciding.

But it's all part of the manipulation process. Now that we are getting a sufficient number of low IQ illegals into the country---look, I'm not being mean. Most of them failed in their own country and are the products of generations of squalor. They are converging on us like mice to cheese. I like mice. But now that we are getting enough of them to do the clods jobs, the gods can afford to decimate the middle class with race wars.

That will likely be accomplished to one extent or another regardless of who wins. Same script, different actors, just like always.

In September I wrote: ...

the race agitators of all colors and creeds will hit the streets and the news programs, and stupid people on every side will start hurting each other. The elites won't care, because they will not be in harm's way, just as they don't care what happens in Iraq and Afghanistan because their lives are not on the line. I realize McCain's new VP candidate has a son on the way to Iraq, but she is not among the elite. McCain is barely on the edge, and the Obamas are deceiving themselves if they think they are part of the ruling class. Any and all of those people are interchangeable and expendable, tools used to keep us confused. What a terrific scam they are pulling off! No matter what happens, it's YOUR FAULT! Whether you voted or didn't vote, it's YOUR FAULT! There is no accountability in a democracy, except the poor benighted voters.

I'm just sayin'...I TOLD YOU SO!

And in the interest of spreading my angst around, I'm republishing a blog I did on McCain (I don't care about "Fair and Balanced". This is MY blog, these are my opinions. McCain is an unprincipled, opportunistic jerk who abandoned his wife when she became less attractive and is now practicing serial polygamy with a wealthy younger woman):

McCain has been recently quoted as saying that it is not in his makeup to conduct a fighting campaign (although he tells his supporters that they must stand up and fight for him) and that he would rather "lose gracefully" than win by means that are uncharacteristic.

I could respect "I'd rather lose gracefully than win by means that are treacherous, or dishonest"---but uncharacteristic? If it's uncharacteristic for him to be able to fight face to face, I guess it's a good thing he chose to fight from an airplane. I suppose taking on another jet is less personal that shooting the guy that just ran into you in an urban combat setting.

My daddy fought in Korea. He was always saddened remembering the faces of the North Koreans he shot when they met on a narrow mountain road—almost near enough to touch. It was apparently "uncharacteristic" for Daddy to kill a man while he was looking into his eyes—even if that man was drawing down on him and preparing—reluctantly or not—to dispatch him to his Creator. But in the circumstance of absolute necessity, fighting not only for himself, but for his fellow soldiers in his jeep and ultimately for his duty as an American Soldier, Daddy killed the Koreans. Face to face, with deliberate blood-splattering thuds as the bullets from his M-1 hit home, again and again, Daddy killed them, not because he was a killer but because he had to.

John McCain accepted a commission when he accepted the nomination of his party. It is his duty to fight the necessary fight—ALWAYS excepting treachery or dishonesty—in order to win. The fact that saying unpleasant truths while looking at Obama in a debate is not COMFORTABLE for Senator McCain does not excuse him from his duty—and you would THINK that anyone who spent so much time as a POW in Vietnam would know that. It appears that the Senator doesn't seriously view Obama as the enemy---which raises the question, "Why not?"

It has been proven that Obama has NUMEROUS ties to socialist radicals, domestic and foreign. Obama is a Right-wing Loony Fringe Conspiracy Theory Scenario Dream-Come-True. Obama is the Thing we laughed about—the Thing that could never happen.

A friend of mine, the editor of a conservative e-magazine, wrote to me this weekend: "I can't think of this guy as anything except a foreigner, and it infuriates me that he should hop, skip and jump over American blacks, who can trace their lineage back to 20 and 30 and 40 generations of American grandparents, on both sides. How can a Kenyan, named Obama, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii (a foreign country, no matter what anyone says), become President of this country?"

I've given it a lot of thought, and I believe that in order for the "masters" to find a dark-complexioned man willing to stand as their puppet for the annihilation of our system, they HAD to go outside the system itself. Conservative American blacks are too patriotic, and liberal American blacks too self-interested to participate in a national coup that will alter everything. Make no mistake, Barrack Obama is not an American black man. All of his American genes are white. He cannot claim "African-American by association" if he isn't willing to be labeled "Radical by association".

But the question is, or should be at this point, Why doesn't McCain recognize Obama as the enemy? Of course, you know what I think: I think they are working for the same puppet masters. I think that the result will ultimately be the same, regardless of who is elected. There will be some minor changes in the script, and that's all.

Marcus Aurelius wrote: "Say to yourself as a Roman and as a man to do what you must with a perfect and simple dignity, for a feeling of freedom, and affection and justice. And give yourself relief from all other thoughts."

The only thing we can do is keep our hearts and minds firmly on our families and friends, and on God. He, at least, is eternal and merciful. Do your duty in all things. Duty is ours, Consequences are God's.

Kyrie Eleison

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