Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter excitement...

Haven't heard from everyone yet, but we'll have at least 6 children and two grandchildren for Easter...I am so happy---I love those little guys so much...I can't wait to see Nannet hunt for eggs. I love Easter so much, and to have all the chillun will be indescribable...Bunny has been collecting stuff...I love the Resurrection and all the celebration that surrounds it, Mass and peeps, sacred and profane...I can't wait for Jesus of Nazareth, The Robe, Quo Vadis and Ben Hur...Thank you so much, Lord.

Some good news:

Dennis seems to be feeling so much better since he started on the cycler machine for his PD. He only does one exchange in the middle of the day now, and when he wakes up in the morning he seems so much fresher and happier! It's really wonderful. If anyone is interested and has questions about PD, holler. We'll be happy to tell you as much as we know.