Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sincerity of the APE (Atheist Power Elite)

[I have given up social networking for Lent---I need to spend more time blogging, and actually THINKING and less time just visiting...]

The problem with the Pelosis, the Reids, the Obamas, the O’donnels, the Garafolos, ad infinitem, is very simple: They have rejected God, they have rejected His laws, and they have totally rejected the concept of eternal reward and punishment. Yet, being the creatures that He made them, they still innately yearn for justice. I don’t think they are a bunch of sociopaths, although they certainly behave that way. No, they are truly concerned with justice---but it is a justice from which they have excluded God and everything that represents Him. So the only authority they have to go on is their own confused and directionless sense. They truly want to punish the evil and reward the good---in this life, because there is no other---and they have no arbitrary authority to appeal to. The so-called Conservatives of the same metaphysical stripe appeal to the “Constitution” and the “Founding Fathers” to avoid involving God, although the have invented a complex fiction regarding the founding fathers’ spirituality in order to appease the average American, who still, in his heart of hearts, believes in and defers to the Almighty. But all these practical atheist elites do what they do because they believe that they are God. That no one else knows what’s best. That the individual should turn to them, and not himself, in making personal determinations. Because they are compassionate, but not wise, they embrace the “downtrodden”. Period. Without regard to why he is “downtrodden” or whether he could become otherwise, and because they embrace the downtrodden, they assume that someone else is treading on him, and they foolishly assume that it must be the successful, the moral, the people with religious conviction. They have made conviction the cardinal sin—almost the ONLY sin--of their tragic communion: the sin of “Intolerance”. It is a fatal misnomer, for “tolerance” is the very thing they hate: in order to tolerate a thing, one must have a conviction against it, and this is the thing the Atheists in Power will not allow.
The frequent show of real intolerance from their own ranks is not mere hypocrisy. They are God. They must be allowed judgments which are denied those unfortunates who fall under their “providence”.
The entire thrust of their creed is in reality the justice they instinctively yearn for. The success of those in opposition to them is, in their minds, injustice. Taking money from those who have earned it and giving it to those who “need” it is, in their minds, justice. There is no sense in pointing out that they themselves live well. Their luxuries are mere necessities for facilitating their godhood. They are obsessed with injustice, and eaten alive by it. The question “why do good things happen to bad people” haunts them---and remember that “bad people” are simply those who do not share their creed.
As a Catholic, I don’t have to worry about eternal justice---I only have to be kind to whoever or whatever shows up at my door or falls under my sphere of influence---small as that may be. As a Catholic, I am required to practice courtesy, largesse, and defense of those weaker than myself. I am required to be an example of nobility, so that those I touch will hopefully be influenced to go forth and act accordingly to those THEY touch. I am required to use wisdom and true charity, not simple sentimentality in my giving to others both of my time and my material possessions. And I am allowed to sleep peacefully at night, because the ultimate question of Justice is not up to me.
When “Bob Rogers”, the mafia don, stands before the Judgment and hears “Eternal Damnation” he will protest, “But GOD! I was always kind to animals and my mother!” and God will say, “YES, Bob---yes you were. And that’s why I gave you that big house and all those cars and boats.”


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