Saturday, February 27, 2010

What about Tilikum

Tilly is 7 tons of testosterone cooped up in a relatively tiny tank by himself except for when he’s servicing cows or doing tricks for Scooby Snacks. It goes without saying that he is insane, and therefore unreleasable. It ought to be obvious to anyone with a heart and a brain that he is angry. Only God knows how controlled his anger is---and even so, he’s killed three humans---at least one of whom he was apparently very fond of. He’s miserable and he has no way out. What kind of a money grubbing unprincipled moron would ignore his declaration of despair by keeping him alive in his misery? Well, obviously the good people at Seaworld.
I know it’s fun, but is it worth being in collaboration with people who obviously respect neither animal nor human life? Let them know you just can’t justify their racket. Stay away from Seaworld this year. Nothing can justify killing people and torturing animals. And they are doing it for the almighty buck. Don’t help them. And speak up for Tilly by demanding his death. Please.

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