Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I MUST have some respite from these damned flies! They are such belligerant, brassy little bastards, and I keep thinking the cold will kill them off, but it doesn’t. I don’t ever remember having this much trouble with them in January. I keep trying not to mount any swatting sorties because I know I look like a mad woman when I’m swatting flies, so I hadn’t done so for four or five days until just now, but when I walk into my otherwise clean kitchen and the fat little buggers are lined up on the counter having a social I just hate them. They learn, dam’ em…the thing with waiting a few days is that virgin flies haven’t got a clue about whence their doom is coming…they don’t even react to the bangs and slaps and celebratory whoops…two of them can be having a conversation maybe six inches from each other, and you get one and the survivor just sits there like “Steady on---what happened to Bill?”

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