Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just another Tuesday...

My goodness! Feeding the horses and cows goes much faster when they sort themselves out before I get there...I suppose it would be easier with people, too. Have I said how intelligent my daughters in law are? Well, they are...
Hadrian has taken up residence on the porch, rather than under it, since I moved the old blue dog bed out there for him. Of course, he'll retreat in the summer, but for now I think he likes it. Provides a better view of his kingdom, you know.
Benny has an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow, and I still have hope that it is something more manageable than discoid lupus because it is just all over him, poor little guy...Have been rubbing it with coconut oil, and he seems to enjoy it, if nothing else...perhaps it's my imagination that it helps a bit. Dottie is truly concerned about him, bless her heart. He's really the only puppyhood friend she has left.
So concerned for Dennis. I pray that his new dialysis schedule will help dry him out a bit. He has so much fluid in his lungs.
Seguin has gone to SMU for her first day of work. Guess they will be showing her the ropes. She was not scheduled to start until Thursday, but they called last night.
It's positively hot today. Not sure how that's possible. Thought it would be colder since there was a really sharp drop in temperature while I was feeding, but it is Way Too Warm.
I am better today although my BP is still higher than normal. Better than before and I think it will just continue to come down now I'm off the Savella.
I'm having a hard time keeping Dennis and Seguin (mainly Seguin) supplied with Salsa since I got my molcajete going. It IS good salsa...and even when it's empty, the vessel gives off such a wonderful fragrance that I just want to start grinding again, but Seguin makes short work of it---I think she skips the chips and just eats it with a spoon.
Looking forward to making Country Captain for General Lee's Birthday, not to mention the wonderful cake. Thinking of fixing the chicken in advance, except for the rice and almonds---such things are always better the next day---which will leave me more time for the biscuits. Of course, the next big Feast will be St. Patrick's day---I really do enjoy cooking for the ones that have a month or so between. Feasts are just nasty without the fasts that go with them...Of course, February will be broken up with Seguin's birthday, as well as Chisum's, Crockett's and Nolan's if they come around, but birthdays are simpler and less planned. Listen to me---I could go into goofball ecstasies about the cooking, and what I need to do is vacuum. I did put up rather a lot of Christmas decorations this morning, but there are still PLENTY to finish out the Season. Sixteen more days...
Well I have fulfilled my pledge to blog today, no matter how inadequately, so the floors await. Tomorrow I'll try to be profound.
Bother...I wonder how you spell "ecstasy"...

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