Saturday, January 21, 2012

That thing in South Carolina

No, Newt did not "knock the ball out of the park" when he answered the question about his divorces. He just acted outraged. And it IS pertinent. First he marries his high school math teacher, 6 or 7 years his senior, when he is 19! And it suddenly occurs, Oh wow! he was a player in high school! Yes, it WAS her bad since she was his teacher, but that die was cast early. Then after 19 years and two children she's suddenly not pretty enough to be a president's wife and he is by the way already messing around with Marianna who, after 17 years as his second "wife" is indignant that he's now messing around with Callista who will probably be upset when he finds someone younger. And talk about a blackeye for Catholicism---"I've converted to my wife's religion (which she was obviously taking seriously while she was doing a married man) and all is forgiven." This is why Prots whisper, "Yeah, all they have to do is go to confession---like those mafia dons who murder people all week and go to Mass on Sunday." I've been a prot---I know what they think. The problem is simple: He can't keep a sacred vow to God Almighty and the wom(e)n he's supposed to love more than himself to stick around so what makes you think he's going to keep his campaign promise to you?
BUT...I'll bet he wins...Somehow "How dare you question my personal integrity? I am outraged!" demanded by a proven philanderer has been translated into "ballsy". It's a pity. Gallant South Carolina. Where have you gone?

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