Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last night Stu's employer gave everyone who works for him about 50 pounds of beef...She put hers up in the freezer, then came into the house and said, "Mom, I put a t-bone in your freezer.  I thought you could have it on your anniversary since you and Dad liked steaks on your anniversary..."  [For the uninitiate, Dad died on the 7th of February.  December 21 would have been our 38th anniversary...]

"Well...Honey...actually, I wasn't planning on celebrating this year..."

:::wide unblinking stare:::  :::comprehension slowly dawning::: ...and then she starts LAUGHING!  "I'm sorry!  I just got a mental picture of you sitting at the table eating steak by yourself!" (read that last sentence again.)

So about this time the phone rang, and it was Chisum.  I was gasping from laughter, but managed to tell him what his sister had done.  "Damn, Stuart!  What a dick!"  But then he got caught up in it..."It would have to be a very small table, with an empty chair on the other side, and a plate with an untouched steak on it...but the good news is, the table is really a lazy susan, so when you finish your steak you can swing it around and eat Dad's!"

About this time, Seguin comes in from the kitchen and says, "Mom, Stuart and I are planning on going to a movie that night so you can be alone..."

I think I'd do better if my kids weren't so mushy and sentimental...Sort of expecting Jenny to call up and ask if I'm planning to picnic on Dennis' grave that night...

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