Thursday, November 21, 2013

Well, the last couple of days have been busy...found out I need another job done on my fence...yay...getting a couple of the sheds fixed up...Miss Judi came over and had chili with me today---now, that was fun.  What a lovely friend I have.  My handsome baby cousin Alex came by to see me...Well, not so baby anymore---almost 20...Miss Pat brought me a lovely plant, and Suellen brought me a lovely kitten.  I did some research on her and believe she is in great part, at least, Norwegian Forest Cat.  Google it and look at the images.  Such a cutie.  I guess we'll call her "Roadie" since we have a Rock Star and a Groupie...So far, Rocky and Groupie are mad at each other and mad at her, but she takes it in stride and just runs around playing, bless her heart.  Rocky alternately punishes me by ignoring me and sucks up...Groupie just looks confused and slightly offended...Wish they would be sweet to each other.  They'd be so cute cuddled up together.  Interestingly enough, they all fit on my bed, angry or not.

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