Monday, March 22, 2010

Broke my own rule, but saved again by Grace

So I thought I had accepted the fact that the worst is going to happen politically, and that we have no control over it, but all those years of "American" condition got my gut twisted again---and to what purpose? The worst happened, in spite of an amazing effort by the majority of citizens---and there is nothing we can do. God will help us, but our fate isn't tied to the fate of this country and the traitors who think they run the government. In reality, they are all expendable. The real controllers are so wealthy, elite and obscure that they are untouchable. But pray for the souls of men like Stupak. Poor cowardly thing...

BUT---as for my own salvation, by Grace, a totally undeserved gift from God---I had the most wonderful little house guest this week! My wee Ann Marie, the oldest (at five months) grandbaby, was here with me from Tuesday through Sunday--and I got her dear parents on Saturday and Sunday as well!

I forget---we all do, I suppose--how amazing they are...I finally really got into my groove on Saturday morning, when I remembered the sling. Tied a knot in a length of fabric, stuck any inside it, seated on my hip and we cleaned the kitchen together and washed a load of clothes... They LOVE the sling---they think you are holding them in your arms, yet your hands are both free, and they can see everything you're doing. I got to try out the "tummy tub" and just loved it, as did the baby...3 quarts water come up to her shoulders and she played and played for about 15 minutes--until the water was cooling and I was afraid she would get pruny, then she cried when I took her out because she wanted to stay there (for about 2 minutes) until the warm water calming effect took over and she took a TWO HOUR nap...We bought her a walker, but her little legs are about an inch too short so we had to put a platform under it. Worked well for those times that my fibro just couldn't take anymore stomping, LOL.

The magic is in her desire to interact with everyone in the room. Imagine how wonderful it would be if we simply acknowledged everyone's presence with a truly happy smile...Oh, that little smile.

It was wonderful, and we are so grateful to her dear parents for sharing her with us. How loving is that, to share your most precious possession? I am also grateful to my daughters for helping me care for her. Evil Aunt Sissy kept her constantly amused with hugs and mean comments---the meaner the better--"Let's leave her on someone's doorstep" got a squeal and a belly laugh---and Aunt Baby got up early every morning and held her while I fixed her bottle and walked her when nothing else would comfort her. She loves them both so much and says so, with her eyes, every time she sees them.

So---my involvement with the wee darling has saved me from despair.

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